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If you could save up to $2000 on your yearly energy bill what would you love to use the savings for in your organisation?

Here's what you've told us

We would spend our savings on pots, hanging baskets and plants for outside and improving our old kitchen to be more energy efficient.
Carolyn (WA)
More energy efficiency upgrades for low income public and private renters.
Cassy (Tas)
Upgrading and expanding our rooftop garden!
Leigh (Tas)
Quality resources for our Early Learning centres.
Nikki and Terri (WA)
We would install security screens on the windows so that all the bolted windows could be opened, allowing fresh air into the building and minimizing the need for air conditioning.
Maureen (WA)
I would spend our savings on building a hen house and a veggie patch for the children to further learn about sustainability.
Gina (WA)
More resources for our Early Education and Care Centre.
Christine (WA)
Solar panels. We are a meals service and use lots of electricity for cooking and freezers. it would be great to put generate as well as consumer power.
Fiona (NSW)
Plants to brigthen up our office.
Louise (NSW)
We would like to install energy saving switches in our toilets because no matter how many signs we install saying please switch off the light when not in use, it doesn’t work.
Lisa (WA)
New laptop and or tablets for the staff to take to the meetings.
Val (NSW)
Fruit and vegie boxes for staff lunches on a regular basis to promote healthy eating.
Narelle (NSW)
Additional resources to hand back to the people we assist – such as providing more support information and materials for our volunteers.
Gavin (Victoria)
Buy a bicycle rack so we can clear space for a standup workstation – plus plants for every desk.
Emily (NSW)
We are linking solar energy with rainwater savings and setting the project up as a showcase for business, other NFP and the City Monash, taking our dollar further.
Keith (Vic)
We would like to spend the money on film on the childcare windows to keep it cool. It would be so helpful.
Margaret (NSW)
A new energy efficient dishwasher and refrigerator for the kitchen in our new premises.
Wendy (NSW)
I would spend our savings on new sensory equipment to enable the people who use our service who are non-verbal to better communicate their wants and needs and to achieve their personal goals.
Margaret (VIC)
To say “Yes” to some of the little things staff ask for like proper coffee and outdoor chairs/tables that we can’t afford.
Christine (SA)
Put solar panels on our Book Shed – reducing air-con costs, more funds for community projects.
Garry (SA)
We would use the savings to allow us to deliver more programs to the communities we work with.
Clare (SA)
We would use the savings to support our unfunded programs.
Deborah (QLD)
Reducing carbon pollution is really important to us, as is making any savings we can to maximise our spend on delivering our programs.
Anne (WA)
We would put some of the money gained from energy savings towards our cake budget and the rest towards upgrading our IT set up.
Clarissa (NSW)

If you could save up to $2000 on your yearly energy bill

What would you love to use the savings in your organisations?


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