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Human energy is a powerful thing

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Michelle, ACOSS

"Nothing beats the winter chill like a hot cup of chai, and its more filling and costs less than cranking up the heater'

Amy Piesse, Neami National

Neami has sustainability champions, which we call our Green Reps, at each of our service sites. They organise upgrades, initiatives and events throughout the year.

Illawarra Respite and Carelink Centre

You don't need to sit in the dark to be efficient. We replaced our T8 fluoro tubes with economical T5 fluoros, and saved 28% on our bills in the first quarter!

Alfred, Kith and Kin (Townsville)

We have fans throughout our centre – these are much cheaper to run than air-conditioners and help to keep us to keep cool all year round.

Kith and Kin, Townsville

Most office waste is recyclable, so we’ve completely switched around our waste systems at Kith and Kin.

Ben, Anglicare NT, Alice Springs

"A lot of our clients have limited resources. By modeling how to save energy and supporting our clients to make changes, we can have a positive impact for people living below the poverty line."

Jacaranda Community Centre, WA

We realised we were repeatedly washing clean dishes in the single compartment dishwasher, which wasted time, water and energy.

Jika Jika Community Centre, VIC

We blocked up the ceiling vent, got rid of the column heaters, and we bought a split system for heating and cooling" Max, Jika Jika Community Centre

Noela, Anglicare NT

It’s my mission to make sure people switch off the storeroom light.

The Crows Nest Centre, NSW

"We installed energy saving lights in our foyers, put a chiller on our airconditioner... Now the staff have embraced retro jumpers!" Denise, The Crows Nest Centre.

Ruah Community Services, Perth WA

"To help keep our women's refuge cool in summer, we applied reflective paint to roof tiles and installed awnings over north facing windows." Luke, Ruah Community Services

Ruah Community Services, Perth WA

We switch off the laundry dryers in summer and install signage to encourage residents to use the clothes lines during the warmer months." Luke, Ruah Community Services

Jika Jika Community Centre, VIC

"We installed tough security screens so we could open windows and let cool night air flow through the building". Max, Jika Jika Community Centre

Edgeworth Neighbourhood Centre, NSW

We decided to install solar air conditioning for $9000, which only costs 50c a day to run at the most. It’s made a huge difference to summer and winter temperatures.

Margaret, Kith and Kin Townsville

All staff have digital thermometers on their desks, and we aim to keep our office at a comfortable but efficient temperature of 26oC.

Community Housing Federation of Australia, ACT

"Down with the heating an on with the cable knit!!!" Eddie, Community Housing Federation of Australia, ACT

Jenny, Anglicare NT

I’m always the last one to leave so I make sure the curtains are closed, lights are off and the urn and microwave are switched off at the wall.

Federation of Community Legal Centres, VIC

My husband keeps warm at work with this jumper I knitted him in 1979. In our office we turn computer monitors off at night! Carolyn, Federation of Community Legal Centres, VIC

Ruah Community Services

"To heat buildings in winter, we installed six solar heating devices to trap the sun’s rays to heat air and pump it through the building using a solar fan". Luke Stange, Ruah Community Services


We've saved between $700 and $1300 a year by removing 24 fluorescent bulbs

The Hut Community Centre, SA

We encourage the use of a kettle for tea and coffee in lieu of an urn continually heating. Garry, SA

Crafty Draught Seal

Get crafty with old socks and jumper sleeves. Door snakes can save loads of energy by blocking draughts.

Seasonal Rug Up

Warm up by dressing for the seasons and avoid overheating your workplace which can be costly.

Down time

Screensavers are bad news for bills. Change your efficiency settings for immediate savings.

Playful Reminders

Our daily habits are easy to change with some fun, playful reminders.

1 Degree Closer

Put a smile on your dial by adjusting your thermostat 1oC closer to outdoor temperatures and save up to 10% off your heating or cooling costs.

Retro Knits

Support local knitting co-ops and op-shops – the community sector is a treasure trove of unique creations to keep snuggly and warm through winter.

Mersey Community Care Association, TAS

We replaced old draughty windows with new ones, and fitted them with shade and block out blinds to keep the heat in the building. Mersey Community Care Association.

Lo-Fi Lunch Prep

Over their lifetime, microwaves use more energy on standby power than they do cooking food. Save power by switching them off at the wall.

Just a Cuppa

Use just what you need by not boiling 2 litres of water in the kettle when only a single cup of hot water is all you need for that afternoon cuppa.

Give it the Flick

Turning lights off in areas that are not being used is one of the simplest ways to start saving energy today.

Energy Guzzlers

When replacing old equipment, spending a bit more on an efficient model will pay itself off in the long term.


We removed 24 fluorescent bulbs from our office with little difference in lighting levels. We are expecting to save around $700 a year.

We’re in this Together

You’re not alone. We’re all connected and can support each other a long the way to make simple changes that create big savings.

Energy Overload

Standby power boards can help staff to switch off standby power on multiple appliances, particularly where plugs are hard to reach.


We changed our electric water heating to solar at one site. Liam, Baptcare.

Jacaranda Community Centre, WA

We retrofitted our lighting with more efficient globes, and installed higher rated insulation to reduce temperature extremes in our community centre.

Baptcare, VIC

We installed window tinting and extra insulation. We also adjusted the thermostat controls and procedures for our centralised air-conditioning system.

Barwon CASA, Wimmera Services, VIC

We only heat and light counseling rooms as required and keep them closed at all other times. Jo-Anne, Barwon CASA, Wimmera Services, VIC

Kooweerup Health Services, VIC

"We installed solar light tunnels in our corridors!", Aileen, Kooweerup Health Services, VIC

Monto Community Development Council

We’ve turned off the hot water system to the office and just boil the jug to wash up. Monto Community Development Council Inc, Monto QLD

DUO Services, ACT

When we are looking to purchase new products, we look at the energy rating and efficiency. Duo Services, ACT

Unitingcare Community, QLD

Our staff formed GoGreen Teams to find out which areas of our organisation we could improve our energy efficiency.

Baptcare VIC & TAS

Our staff are really passionate about sustainability and are always coming up with new ideas to save energy.

Monto Community Development Council

We have removed the remote to the air conditioner so clients cannot alter the settings or leave it on overnight.

Barwon CASA Wimmera Services

We turn appliances off at the wall. Anthony Barwon CASA Wimmera Services VIC

Ruah Community Services, Perth WA

"We ran energy efficiency workshops to build the skills of our staff, which also helped to assist our clients who are struggling with energy bills." Francis Lynch, Ruah Community Services

The Hut Community Centre, SA

We promoted behaviour change amongst staff, and encourage more clothing or lap rugs in winter in lieu of air-con. (until uncomfortable). Garry, SA

Unitingcare Community, QLD

We conducted energy efficiency audits at our Brisbane North and Brisbane South offices. After this we removed 170 lightbulbs...

Ipswich Housing

We put up signage at exit points in the building to encourage staff to switch off equipment and lighting.

South Coastal Women’s Health Services, WA

We installed LED lighting throughout the building! Lisa, South Coastal Women's Health Services, WA

UnitingCare Community, QLD

We started with little things first. We removed a lamp from each of our double fluorescent lights

Whitsunday Crisis and Counselling Services

To reduce costs in our residential refuge site of 6 townhouses we installed a new hot water system and solar panels. Carmen, QLD

Open Door Neighbourhood House

We turn off lights in rooms when we’re not using them. Open Door Neighbourhood House, Wangaratta, Vic

Jacaranda Community Centre, WA

We installed solar panels to help drive down our bills. Lyndsey, Jacaranda Community Centre, WA

Granville Multicultural Community Centre, NSW

Our preschool has environmental monitors who turn off lights, feed the worms in the worm farm and water the vegetable garden.


We have put thermometers throughout the building and at workstations, and then re-set temperatures for heating and air conditioning. SGGPCP, Hamilton VIC

Jika Jika Community Centre, VIC

"To help cool down the centre in summer, we installed tough security screens on our windows that enable us to open the windows at night and let cool air flow through the building." Max, Jika Jika Community Centre

Bowraville Community Technology Centre

We wanted to make sure we were getting the best deal on our energy. We reviewed and compared our bill with others to see where we could save. Colin, NSW

Jacaranda Community Centre, WA

We applied for a Lottery West Grant to pay for energy efficiency upgrades in our community centre.

Jika Jika Community Centre, VIC

We trained volunteers to educate the community and develop energy savings projects for our centre." Max, Jika Jika Community Centre

Family Support Network, Lismore

Our bill went down noticeably after we turned off the hot water system and started boiling the kettle to wash up. Neil, NSW

Taree Manning River Mens Shed, NSW

We keep the urn turned off until 15mins before use then switch it off again at the end of breaks. Taree Manning River Mens Shed, Taree NSW.

Community Housing Ltd, Taree, NSW

We only switch on hot water when needed. Community Housing Ltd, Taree NSW.

The Hut Community Centre, SA

We encourage the use of a kettle for tea and coffee in lieu of an urn continually heating. Garry, SA

Trewalla Memorial Hall Committee, VIC

We sealed gaps in the ceiling and doors to stop draughts.

Brotherhood of St Lawrence, VIC

We discuss our ‘triple bottom line’ at general meetings, and call for suggestions to save energy. Janice, VIC

Wingecarribee Family Support Service, NSW

We cancelled our gas account and boil the kettle once a day for washing up instead. It saves us thousands!

Women’s Health, VIC

We turn off the boiling water dispenser in the kitchen each night. Christine, VIC

Baptcare, VIC & TAS

We installed window tinting, extra insulation, adjusted the thermostat controls and procedures for our centralised air-conditioning system.

Dallas Neighbourhood House, VIC

We were concerned about the increasing costs of our power bills so we make sure that all monitors and computers are turned off at the end of the day.

Baptcare, VIC

We undertook lighting upgrades at five of our sites and we’re expecting annual savings of around $25,000.

Nth Carlton Railway Stn Neighbourhood House

We have changed our energy suppliers and signed a longer term contract and that has saved on electricity costs.

Gunnedah Preschool, NSW

We turn off all electrical appliances at the end of each day rather than leaving them on standby. Carolyn, NSW

Kara House, VIC

We have implemented an energy efficiency purchasing and greening policy with installation of new equipment. Kara House, VIC


We got our aircon contractor to come in and fix the thermostat - we've been over-cooled for over a year! Louise, ACOSS.


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